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Android Play is full of fun app and games, but unfortunately some of the games require you to delete your phone files before you can download and play them at the same time. However, there are a few top games under 10 MB, which you can download and play without deleting any additional files from your phone. We have listed a few games under 10 MB to get you started:

Drop Your Soldiers

Drop your soldiers is among the latest games under 10 mb on android. The game is all about dropping the soldiers safely from a parachute by tapping the navigation buttons. When landing the soldiers, make sure to take care of the commando’s life to avoid collision with the screen boundary. Make sure to gather ammunition such as grenades to unlock interesting themes along with an enhanced gameplay.


Flow Free: Bridges

Flow Free: Bridges is one of the extremely famous lightweight games under 10 MB that is all about matching similar colors for formation of a pipe. According to the gaming rules, the pipes must not cross each other or they will get damaged. Use a bridge to pass one pipe from the other. 1000s of levels are divided into different board sizes ranging from 5x5 to 9x9. Difficulty level is also available from easy to hard. The game features colorful and clear minimal graphics.


Gyro provides a really simple gameplay. The game is about controlling a 3 colored spinner in the screen’s middle. While controlling the colored spinner, make sure that the color balls fly on the screen to match the spinning part. The speed also increases with an increase in scores to make it challenging. Gyro is a very interesting game in our list of games under 10 MB.


Flappy Bird

Flappy bird is one of the most popular and addictive games under 10 MB ever built. Tap on the screen to make birds fly as long as possible without getting it murdered.


Skater Boy

Skater Boy is a popular skating game, offering a lightweight and smooth skating experience for people in their free time. If you are looking for fun games under 10 MB, then skater boy is more than just perfect! Just speed up and jump around to perform different skating tricks in the air. The game is easy and fun to play for all ages.


Bottle Shoot

Our list of games under 10 mb is incomplete without Bottle Shoot. The game is all about blasting bottles, playing mini-games to compete world over. 3D effects are also available to further add to this game. Bottle Shoot features picture realistic bottles, realistic sound of broken glass and global leader board to get you completely hooked.


Yoo Ninja! Free

Become a Ninja with Yoo Ninja, which is among addictive and super fast games under 10 mb. The game is fun to play with challenging levels. The game is also packed with interesting features, story mode, 34 levels, endless mode and 4 different worlds to making it all the more fun for everyone.



We have listed some of the most popular Android games under 10 mb in our opinion. If you have some other names in mind that you think should have been included in our list, then feel free to share those with us through the comment section.


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