There are many ways you can test your brain skills but puzzle games are one of the best ways to judge your skill level. There are plenty of games which might interest your brain skills but i would recommend one of the top notch games which can tease your brain with their difficulty levels.

Word Search Puzzle Game

Word Search is a classical crossword trivia game which you desire. This is one of the best test to check your vocabulary skills.


Tons of funny categories training your brain, it mainly consist of Food, Fruit, Animal, Art, Sport, Car, Life, Nature, Music and so on. There are mixed words on the screen, please find the hidden words which are all possible words on the list.

Download Word Search Puzzle Game from Google Play Store

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Use lasers, prisms and mirrors to split, reflect and guide beams of mild closer to various colored orbs. The game begins easy enough, but it quickly achieves teeth-grinding complexity.

There are 120 tiers to work via, each of which you could remedy in any quantity of ways, presenting plenty of replay enchantment, assuming you manage to make it through all of them as soon as. Refraction gives an regularly frustrating take a look at of logic.

Refraction set up on google play


A abnormal, soothing combination of sudoku and painting through numbers, crossme affords a grid with numbers going for walks down the facet. Your assignment is to fill the rectangular in correspondence with the numbers to create pixelated pix of animals and objects. Once you have discovered the fine manner to method the puzzles, the issue curve may be very welcoming. A great manner to spend some downtime

Crossme nonograms installation on google play

Monument valley could earn a place on this listing for its sound and visual design alone – it seems like interacting with magic. You manipulate the hooded princess ida, whom you need to manual through escher-like scenes, relying on using isometric attitude and manipulation of the structure to gain this.

It’s really smart and highly quite, and its puzzles by no means becoming irritating. It’s extraordinarily short, but there is a subtle tale running via it, which mixes with the other factors to elevate monument valley above your standard ‘tap-here-build-this-wait-5-minutes-and-repeat’ android sport. You could pick out this one up for us$three.99.

Monument valley install on google play


The room 2

This puzzle recreation is atmospheric instead of movement-packed; it’s slow-burning however fairly profitable, and best if candy overwhelm is not your component. Commentary is key here, because you have to discover one of a kind rooms and items to attempt to piece together riddles and clues.

The room 2 become constructed for cell systems, so it’s miles ideally suited to this gadget. It runs smoothly, the photos are top notch, and it’s far always clever and attractive. Choose it up from the play store for us$2.99, and don’t forget to examine our the room 2 evaluate too.

The room two deploy on google play
Monument valley


Limbo is as unsettling as puzzlers come. It puts you answerable for a slightly elastic younger boy who has a penchant for loss of life in lousy approaches. Your venture is to guide him through the netherworld, which seemingly consists of more and more hard puzzles, as he searches for his sister.

The visual and auditory aesthetic is beautiful, if worrying, and the puzzles emerge as greater complicated as you go along. The sport by no means gets too hard although – it is more of an revel in than a undertaking. First-class performed late at night, with the lights out.

Limbo deploy on google play
Reduce the rope 2

Cut the rope 2 is a playful puzzler in the vein of irritated birds. It sees you, sure, slicing ropes with the swipe of a finger so that you can deliver sweet treats to a lazy, insatiable frog-like creature known as om nom.

It starts off smooth enough however quickly choices up the tempo, introducing new demanding situations and mini-video games to spice matters up. Simple and addictive, cut the rope 2 is a powerful time-waster.
Androidpit cut the rope 2 game 1

Cut the rope 2 set up on google play

Be a part of the warfare of two dots, which are on a quest of a few kind for a few purpose or any other. The aim of the game is straightforward: connect identical-coloured dots a good way to development through the ever-developing variety of tiers (at the time of writing, there are a staggering 510 of them).

This is the particularly addictive sequel to the successful dots. Little has changed and for appropriate purpose: the formula works.

Two dots install on google play

In the end overshadowed via its free-to-play clone, 2048, threes! May be frustratingly difficult at instances, however you may continually come lower back to it. The guidelines are simple: upload ones to twos, and from there integrate like numbers to double them up.

The visible aesthetic is captivating in its simplicity and the blocks are exceptionally talkative little critters, supplying masses of character. A advanced revel in to 2048 in each manner.
Androidpit threes recreation 1

Threes! Free install on google play

Beguiling, soothing and quietly revolutionary, strata sees you weaving ribbons across grids in order have the perfect shades lay throughout the suitable squares.

Each ribbon you thread is observed by means of a sustained piano note and strings. It is surprisingly meditative and but frequently very difficult: a compelling combo.

Strata install on google play
Little inferno

I’m able to’t communicate particularly enough of little inferno. It’s component puzzle sport, part social statement, and in part only a recreation that wishes you to stop and reflect onconsideration on why you spend so much time tapping for your display anyway. You play as a young boy in a snowy town who has the joy of owning a touch inferno entertainment fire, a device which encourages different kids to burn their toys (among different items) simply to observe the lovely flames.

Little inferno is dripping with metaphors and symbolism (come on, the little inferno leisure fireplace is a sparkly, sparkling box that asks you to have interaction with it and give up on normal social interplay… sound acquainted?) and is followed via a excellent tale. In case you want a deep recreation that makes you watched, provide it a attempt. A good deal at us$2.99.
Androidpit little inferno quality recreation

Little inferno installation on google play

If i had the selection among gambling this game or pronouncing its name, i’d play it. No longer simply due to the fact rymdkapsel is tough to say. Due to the fact this sport is quite awesome.

Rymdkapsel is a beautifully abstract puzzle-sport-scale back-management-sim set in space. It’s based around building a space station and maintaining a populace whilst attempting to complete goals. You order your little minions visit work aboard your area station, upgrading it with extractors, reactors and a weapons bay for protection, amongst different important space station stuff.

It’s a (by and large) meditative sport with a serene soundtrack, which quick will become frantic while your minions are tough at paintings and an air strike comes alongside to wreck them. Those enemy air strikes occur greater frequently as the game progresses, ramping up the difficulty. It’s minimalist and clever and isn’t filled with in-app purchases and free-to-play tropes. It’s elegant and charges just us$3.Ninety nine from the play store.

Quality offline android video games



Puzzle meets platform sport in jakyl kiwanuka. It has a completely unique art fashion, and its gameplay is paying homage to the memorable and universally-loved lemmings. Kiwanuka receives lots of factors proper.

You manipulate a guide main a group of travelers to freedom throughout dangerous terrain. You press the guide’s workforce and drag it outwards to create a bolt of lightning which your tourists comply with. It starts honestly with strolling them to the end of every level, however as the gameplay progresses you find out greater approaches wherein the body of workers, and your human beings, can be applied to traverse canyons and avoid the fatal fluorescent pink mountains.

Bubble witch 2 saga

Find it irresistible or hate it, king has a knack for creating addictive video games with mass appeal. Bubble witch 2 saga is another positive-to-be-famous arcade style puzzler, despite its terrible call.

The usage of a similar system to traditional ‘puzzle bobble’ style video games, the participant need to try to eliminate the colored bubbles that hang at the pinnacle of every display by means of shooting them with bubbles of the same colour. It’s easy to play and followed via typically dreamy tune and bright hues. It gives an inoffensive and nice enjoy, and it’s free!
Androidpit bubble witch 2 saga recreation 1

The trippy eastern tune is fantastic, mainly whilst you entire a stage, and it has a sense of originality that many others video games do not. A chunk extra contextualization on who the tribe are and why this wizard has an lightning staff could have been pleasant, however the level design is imaginitive, the art course is rad, and that i think it’s a exquisite normal bundle. The sport fees us$1.99.

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