If you enjoy the entertaining and thrilling experience that bike riding games offer, you are bound to enjoy going one up to bike attack games. Here you can enjoy a bike race as well as attack other bikers for an added thrill.

We have reviewed two top road racer and bike rider games for your reference. Have a go at either one to enjoy the bike attack adventure.

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Modern Armored: Bike Attack

An addictive and fun bike attacker game, it is an adventure for thrill seekers. It is rated 12+ for content and is suitable for different moods. The idea behind it is that you are protecting your hometown from terrorists. It is a speedy road racer rendezvous on a heavy bike where you’re chasing your enemy which is also running away on a bike. You have to dodge cars, other bikes, blocks and boulders that might fall on you. Aim for shooting the enemy which has a red lifeline on the top.


The game has an attractive yet simple user interface. The controls are really straight forward to manipulate. The colors are eye catching and the graphics have also been aptly created by the developers. The scenario is of a hometown with houses and trees on either sides of the street. Even the sound is reflective of the bike riding game.

There are several levels in the game where each is played as a mission. After accomplishing a mission, you can unlock another one and play it. The challenge in this game is that each mission is based on a time frame within which you need to cover the distance required and kill the number of enemies mentioned in the mission.


This game teaches you racing skills, escape strategies and warrior skills. You race as fast as possible in this road racer past other vehicles escaping hurdles and obstacles while your bike is under attack, you are in for a really exciting time with this one.

Bike Attack Race: Stunt Rider

Another game in this genre which is a close contender is the Bike Attack Race: Stunt Rider. Bike Attack Race similar to the previous game has various levels within which there are hidden missions. Each mission has to be accomplished to unlock further levels. This is another challenging and entertaining bike attacker game. Rather than shooting at enemy bikers, you need to kick them or punch them to make them fall off their bikes. This is a bike racing game where you need to zoom past the hurdles which appear in the form of other bike riders, obstructions and cars.


An interesting feature about this game is that you have three lives and when you lose a life and still have others remaining, you – the bike rider, gets up, shakes off the injury and starts riding the bike again. The sounds of riding the bike and fighting with opponents seem quite realistic. The game is a race which you need to win from other opponents. To make your opponents lose this game you have the opportunity to kick or punch them out of the way.

The game is really easy to play by tilting your device in either direction. You can also earn bonuses and boosts during the game play.



Both games are quite enjoyable and adventurous. While Modern Armored Bike Attack is relatively new, Bike Attack Race has been around for a bit. The developers of Modern Armored Bike Attack have future plans to provide multi-player functionality controls and chatting ability during gaming. Bike Attack Race have also fixed minor bugs and enhanced bike controls.


The first game has five exciting missions while the latter one has a number of ten biking adventures. Both games have great high quality graphics and sound effects. You need to play each one in order to judge which one you really like. But you are certainly going to enjoy them.

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