Android smartphones cater to almost all the major activities of life. A wide range of games are available for a download by the users, ranging from intellectual word search games to the adventurous search word puzzle. Name it and have it. Word search games are gaining popularity and are becoming hit among users worldwide for their challenging search word puzzle. Some of the famous word search games are discussed below:

Word Search Puzzle Game

The search word puzzle game is all about searching the pre-defined set of words from the word puzzle displayed in the form of a grid, within the time limit of only a minute, making it more interesting to play. The word search games created by Brilliant Innovators has received worldwide acclaim and is being downloaded by the users rapidly. The words are searched by sliding the finger across the hidden word and it becomes highlighted, words are usually found in vertical, horizontal, diagonal and backward direction. It has three levels of difficulty which makes it suitable for all ages, easy medium and hard. Once the given set of search word puzzle are solved, the player moves onto the next stage and the score is displayed on the leaderboard against the top score which can be beaten at any time. The game is fun to play and has been receiving positive reviews.

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The game is played on the classic Hasbro board made available by a single click. All the player has to do is to roll the dice and start making as many words as possible within the three minute duration. The words are formed in any direction but jumps are prohibited. The word has to be three-lettered and not less than that. The more the words the better the score, and the score is displayed at the end of the time limit on the leaderboard also the top score is mentioned which can be beaten by any staunch player. The game can be played with friends in the pass ‘N’ play mode making it a competition among players to find the most words or it can be played singlehandedly in the scenario mode. It is one of the most popular word search games with challenging search word puzzles. The game is a major phenomenon among users worldwide and has a million users enjoying the fun time it offers.



Wordathon is another famous game in the genre of word search games. It is all about making words from a given set of letters in the grid form and the player has to join the cube like letters to make as many words as possible to win, in a given time limit. It is although a words search game but with a twist because each time the user moves onto the next stage the grid of letters appears in a different form which makes it more exciting as the player has no clue what is going to happen next, and also prevents it from becoming boring. The words are formed in a consecutive direction without spaces in between, and at the end the score is displayed and the top score is also mentioned which can be broken by the expert players. All in all the game is a hit among users for its exciting search word puzzle and is followed by a huge number of players worldwide.



Above mentioned are some of the most popular word search games. The games are equipped with the challenging search word puzzle. Download the above mentioned word search games to solve the easy to difficult range search word puzzle with your friends.


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