Android smartphones come loaded with built-in wallpapers. However, there are a number of apps which are available for free to change the wallpapers and customize them according to your personal taste.Many islamic Apps which ofers reading islamic education like ayatul kursi with urdu translation for muslims. From natural landscapes, buildings, landmarks to Islamic wallpapers, the ramadan apps have everything. Some popular Islamic wallpapers and ramadan calendar 2016 app to download and install this ramadan include:

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Wal360 Wallpaper HD Background

Wal360 is a simple but powerful wallpaper application put together by Brilliant innovators. The app features beautiful wallpapers from different categories such as mountains, waterfalls, animals, sunrise,sunset and the Islamic wallpapers. All the wallpapers are in HD quality and can be set as the wallpaper of your smartphone’s home or lock screen.


The app also uses an auto changing function to change wallpapers on a daily basis at the specified interval. Ramadan Calendar 2016 is another important application developed by the same company to provide information on the Ramadan schedule for different countries.The Application contains Dua e qunoot with urdu translation and many more islamic duas for Muslim kids to learn and read islamic education.


Ramadan Wallpapers

Ramadan wallpapers is an app with beautiful images of Ramadan. The app is free for use for all muslims across the world to celebrate the month of fasting. You can set islamic wallpapers through this app, but you need to be connected over the internet. To use images offline, save them in your hard drive.


Muslims all over the world greet the arrival of Ramadan. The images to set for Ramadan are picked carefully according to the different sizes of your smartphone. This app is a great reminder of connecting with religion during the holy month. The app is exclusive to Islamic wallpapers and does not feature any details regarding the Ramadan Calendar 2016.

Ramadan Live wallpaper

Ramadan Live wallpaper is made for Muslims all over the world to celebrate the month with great honor and dedication. Set the Ramadan Live wallpaper as your smartphone’s home screen and act according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Keep it set for the entire month to connect with Allah during Ramadan and even afterwards. The Islamic wallpapers have a beautiful background with night scenery with sign of Ramadan glittering with the stars in the sky. The app is available on Google Playstore for free and does not feature details on ramadan calendar 2016.


Ramadan Live HD Wallpapers

Ramadan Live HD Wallpapers is an application designed for Muslim fans to making the mobile screen of android smartphone beautiful with HD wallpapers during the holy month. The application features a lot of high quality images to adjust according to the device background. The app is lightweight but has a wide collection of images in HD quality. Download the app to honor Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. To get information on Ramadan Calendar 2016, you can download other apps under the name of Ramadan Calendar 2016.


A few highlights of the app include:

● Large collection of Islamic Wallpapers in HD Quality

● Does not need internet

● Optimized for all devices


The above-mentioned apps feature include a variety of Islamic wallpapers to set during the holy month for your smartphone. However, most of the apps only include wallpapers. For information on Ramadan calendar, you can download other apps such as Ramadan Calendar 2016.

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