People love to use social media everyday. Whether it is about using the platform for everyday activities or marketing for business, videos are posted regularly on the medium. However, at times, you do not have a internet connection available to connect and view the video. To counter this problem, you can install a number of video downloader for facebook. These apps are equipped with a fast video downloader and are mostly available for free.

Facebook Video Downloader

The Facebook video downloader app helps users to download the videos directly from the platform. After downloading the video, you can play them offline on mobile devices. Save the Facebook HD videos directly to your phone through the app’s fast video downloader and start watching them in your free time. The app has got an extremely fast video downloader with a user friendly interface.


The video downloader for facebook app also lets users to store the videos from the facebook to their SD card for watching them offline. The downloaded videos are stored in the gallery with the facebook video folder. The application has the ability to download the videos from twitter in a GIF format. Just type the URL of any video and start downloading it.

Some features of the video downloader for facebook app are shared below:

● Download videos from pages and groups joined or not joined by you

● Browsing facebook like a facebook app

● Enjoy playing the videos offline after the download

● Download videos in the background to enjoy surfing facebook

● Share the app on whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Facebook lite. You can also share it using social networks such as twitter, instagram and Snapchat.


● The downloader app can also be closed while the download is in progress.

Download as many files as possible through this fast video downloader android application. Just login to facebook to start using this app. Install it on your phone for free and share it with your friends on facebook!


Some other apps in the same category include:

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Video Downloader for Facebook

Video downloader for Facebook is a great application to download the videos to your device. Not only it helps you to save the uploaded videos but also lets you share those immediately with your friends and family. You can also check out a collection of funny videos. Save the videos to your smartphone by installing the video downloader for facebook and start sharing it with others.


HD Facebook Video Downloader

HD facebook video downloader for facebook is a top and the best video downloader for facebook app available on the Google PlayStore. Have you ever came across nice, funny and viral Facebook videos and want to take those further wherever you go? If yes, then you are just a click of a button away. This fast video downloader app lets you download any video in a High definition version whenever available. This is what makes it another one of the most outstanding facebook video downloader apps.


Save Facebook Videos

Save Facebook Videos is an extremely easy to use video downloader for facebook app. It helps to save the facebook videos in an extremely easy manner on your device. You get an offline version of your favorite video with a better quality more than 20MB. A few features of this fast video downloader app are shared below:


These four are some of the most fast video downloader apps available on android for downloading the facebook videos. These apps are equipped with a special video downloader for facebook which lets you to download and install the video on your phone without any hassle!


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