We all love images. Images are worth a thousand words yet we see a number of images with funny captions, greetings and scenic displays. People who love social sharing are always looking for ways to add text on images. Fortunately for you, smartphones have made the job simple for everyone.

There are a number of write on photos app which will help you write any text on images. It is up to you to add caption on photos according to the theme of the picture or the context in which you would share it. Here are 4 popular android apps to add caption on photos or artistic text on images to your liking.


Add Text to Photos

Add Text to Photos top photo editor to write text using multiple fonts, add stickers, design frames and emoticons to your photos/Images using android app.


Now you can decorate your photos with beautiful emoticons, stickers and attractive backgrounds using add text to photos android app. Image editor and writing on images was never so easy before this application. This app take your photos into the next level of era with attractive designs, colorful texts, multiple fonts, background frames designs, emoticons and many other designing features.

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Word Swag

Word Swag is a write on photos app that charges $2.99 from Oringe. It helps in adding text on image as well as cutting out a mask within an image for creating a natural and pleasing effect. It has an easy to use interface to help you go through the available styles. There is also a choice of color with third controls transparency and bright background. This app provides separate patterns to use as a background for an enhanced effect in addition to adding caption on photos.


You can also go through the formatted text in a stylish manner with decorative badges and preview them to check what looks best. Gestures also change the type size or tilt. There is a separate message which lets you select from a series of available quotes to add a nice touch through the text on images option.


Phonto is a free and simple caption on photos app with a number of opportunities to shape up an image. The app offers multiple decorative fonts of all sizes to write on photos, add text in the form of bubbles, badges and placards. It also has a wide supply of stickers such as hearts and stars of different angles and colors. Using your finger and the arrow keys you can either move the elements around a canvas or tilt it according to the size and color of your preference.


The stenciled letters and shapes provide an attractive effect. Phonto also helps in adding the fonts to your phone collection in case you are looking for something fresh and new. There are in-app purchases available to let you change themes and add caption on photos. Phonto is very easy to use and has a slick interface.

Font Candy

Cropping the images in a letterform is not a difficult process but takes time when you do it in an image editor such as Photoshop. Luckily, you can do the samething in a much less complicated manner through the help of Font Candy app. The app lets you mask the interface with a default font. The color tile adds a mask tint with a slider bar controlling the effect. The small square helps to switch between the text and the background with the image neatly tucked inside the letters.


Font Candy is a good enough app for its features and wide fonts for adding text on images. You can also adjust the kerning, size, scale, crop and add color to an image in addition to masking the letters and adding caption on photos.


Over is one of the most versatile and easy to use write on photos app. From several fonts, flexible gesture-based composition to circular navigation, this font lets you add text on images in an artistic way. All you need to do is to type the text and select the appropriate color. A circular wheel would appear with an editing choice including opacity, alignment, kerning and size.


You can also scroll through the font collection to choose the one you want when inserting caption on photos. In addition to fonts, there are a few free line art drawings which you can add on an image. Doing so will make a grid appear on a canvas to help in positioning the artwork.

For changing the image element, you need to tap on the yellow arrow and a navigation wheel would come up. The app with a large font library and line drawings is an interesting addition to the collection of write on photos application and is available for only 99 cents.



Addition of text on images and caption on photos is made extremely easy with the help of android applications. Above mentioned are some of the write on photos application that you can download either for free or a few bucks from the Playstore market. These write on photos application will make your images more descriptive through the addition of text on images to provide for a pleasant social media sharing experience.

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